I have worked within the strength & conditioning industry for almost 19yrs and I have been coaching sprinters for about the same. I have worked as a professional coach for most of my adult life. My passion has always been about performance and how do I improve it.

As an athlete I would constantly strive to meet goals by training as often as I could at an intensity that would highlight weaknesses and issues with my physical output. I would always assess my technique, look to others for inspiration and listen to those who have ‘been there, done that’.

As a coach I am far more methodical in my approach to training. I love to push my athletes beyond their comfort zone, to that space where we often don’t want to go. I often challenge my athletes to perform  to a higher intensity, but I always ensure my athletes train within an appropriate level of their individual ability. I have a great understanding and respect for sports injuries and have first hand experience as to how overuse and injury setbacks can affect your psychological mindset and physiological health.

My mission is simple; provide a platform that delivers a highly skilled approach to both strength & conditioning and sprint training, specific to a particular sport or as part of a long term strength and/or speed development program.

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