North Gold Coast Seahawks Under 18’s

Over the past 4 weeks I have been very fortunate to work with Michael De Vere and his North Gold Coast Seahawks team to develop acceleration, max speed and agility.

The team worked very hard throughout the 4 week program, with the performance testing showing the boys made positive strides forward! While we focused mainly on game specific needs and looked to improve the group’s explosive ability and acceleration, we also looked to better directional speed and transitional agility.

A very coach-able group with an excellent work ethic. Each athlete pushed themselves to the very edge of their ability and never took a backward step. We introduced the ball throughout the program to ensure that the speed work was sport specific and to encourage the learning process.

Like most young men they loved to compete with each other using the laser timing gates. This was the most enjoyed point of the first and last session, which served to see how they were currently performing and to measure any development over the 4 weeks. The results did demonstrate some good improvements throughout the team, but they do not tell the complete story. They do not show the improved movement these athletes now possess and the speed in which they have learned to change direction while maintaining the ball. With more time we may have been able to create some tests to have included these skills/improvements and I am confident we would see sweeping improvements across the board.

I have really enjoyed and have learned so much about myself as a coach, working with these young athletes. Having never worked with basketball players before, I felt it was good idea to take myself out of my comfort zone and develop training plans and implement them with this team. I feel it is important to work with different athletes, with different skill sets and develop their speed, agility, movement, strength, etc.

Cross sport coaching is proven to be a great way in which to broaden a coach’s overall ability. Much of the skills I have developed as a coach, over the years, have largely been focused around Sprint and Rugby athletes. Working with this group has been a great experience for me and I look forward to being part of their training in the future!

Thank you Seahawks

Coach Chris Cornelius


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